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  • Je suis Peehu!

    August, 2019 by

    Hello. Bonjour. I am Peehu and this is my introduction to the world. This blog is an outlet for my creative side, my better side, the side which I have kept from myself and from others for as long as I have known. I wish to bring this side of me out to myself first… Read more

  • Steps

    September, 2019 by

    A casual trip to the grocery store helped me meet my 10,000 steps goal when I accidentally and unknowingly dropped my apartment keys in the shopping cart. Proud of completing my weekly grocery shopping on a Friday evening, I got back in the car and drove home with picking up some mediterranean food on the… Read more

  • Blowout

    August, 2019 by

    On a fall evening in the New England region of the United States, I decided to spend an evening with a friend in a town about an hour away. At the end of the lovely evening which included Chinese food for dinner, I started driving back to my place at around thirty minutes past ten.… Read more

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